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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I have to deal with complete idiots at the helpdesk. It's not a hard job and the people are nice but im amazed at the computer illiterate people out there. I had to tell a girl how to save a Word file last night. I don't think i was even able to put it into words, i just showed her. It's also funny how freaked out people get when their stuff won't print correctly. Some computers just won't print things right and so people have to switch.

I've grown tired of my Gateway and XP. I think i need to hurry up and get that second hard drive and start seriously working with Red Hat 8. I'm also pretty tired of a lot of the forums and dare i say, webcomics i used to read. I'm really bad at keeping up with daily updates but im great at digging through archives when bored at work. there is a neat manga style webcomic making fun of the magical girl genre found in anime. Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki. It's kinda cute and worth checking out if you like anime.

found this (right cick, Save As) on a forum, figured i'd share it with my Mac user friends ^_^ don't hate me....please.... I like OSX so i'm not totally against Macs.

oh, D&D was insane last Saturday. Aside from a T1 line, getting a chance to play more D&D with my friends has been the real exciting part of getting back to school. But the group i was in has skyrocketed from 3 players and a DM to like 10 people total. We picked up some noobie freshman and some transfers Joe is friends with and suddenly our group more than doubled in size. this makes combat and basically everything in the adventure slow down. we're going to have to split the group into two campaigns cause we can't get anything done with so many players. I do look forward to the coming adventure but it's gonna be a week or so before we really get in the groove of playing.