Franksta's Blog

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I'm back at Wilson and on a T1 line but there's a catch. I got the M$Blaster worm like as soon as i got here. I just came right in. I didn't even open an attachment or accept an unknown file, it just waltzed right into my system. It's times like these when i wish i had Red Hat Linux up on my machine or dare i say own a Mac. (i almost envy you stef). I finally got the worm off my system but a T1 still isn't that great for playing counterstrike since the firewall makes my ping max out at over 500. i can't play on the CBC server since they have a 150 ping limit.

My classes are looking to be pretty light this semester. Computer Science will be a piece of cake and East Asian Civilization will be easy in some regards but difficult in others. My two philosophy classes will be challenging but i really like the professor and have had her twice before so i'll do fine. Working on the computer services helpdesk will be loads of fun. I already have people on my floor asking me to help with with the blaster worm.

well this sucks. I knew square had too much on their plate to get all their releases out on time.

time for some Haibane Renmei. and yes i got the way cool box!

oh yeah, my Otakon pictures didn't come out at all. I'm so pist. i had this picture of the cutest Yuna ever. she was like 8 years old and did the sending thing perfectly. i took two pictures but they didn't come out. :(

Saturday, August 16, 2003

I finally picked up the Evangelion boxset with the money i made working at Otakon. I've seen most of the Eva series two or three times over but i always put off watching the ending cause of how intense i hear it is. But not this time. I'll finish it before i head back to school next weekend. Pretty soon the summer will be over.

Monday, August 11, 2003

just got back from Otakon. I think i'll post an Otakon Diary telling of my adventures rather than just one big large blog post. the bottom line is i had a great time but worked with Anime Pavilion a little more than i was hoping and didn't get to see nearly as much of the convention as i wanted to.

Friday, August 01, 2003

At Gencon I bought the core rulebook for the Star Wars Roleplaying game. I've been interested in it for awhile now and made it a point to track it down at Gencon. I'm thinking of GMing (basically Dungeon Mastering) a game of it with some of my D&D friends at college. Should be fun. I also bought the Ninja Burger roleplaying game which will be great for boring nights. It can be learned and played in like two hours. Plus it's got ninjas!

CounterStrike at CBC is still fun. I got addicted to it, then got kinda bored of it, and now i'm at a healthy medium where i can go without playing CS but when i do play i almost always play well. My scores are always at the top of the map ranking even though my overall server rank is pretty bad. Clan play on a iceworld or snow map is getting more enjoyable too, especially since Mike and I have been getting into heated sniper duels ^_^

Otakon is next weekend and then a week after that i head back to Wilson. The summer has flown by. I want some more time at home to chill out but honestly i'm ready to head back to Wilson and get the school year back into gear. I'm comfortable at either location, something i've just recently come to terms with.