Franksta's Blog

Monday, July 28, 2003

Dad's modem sucking ass = lack of updates.

A lot has happened this month. I beat Final Fantasy X and started a CounterStrike clan (i guess you could call it a clan) with some friends. A website will be forthcoming. I also just got back from a weekend of working at GenCon Indy and Ikasucon, a small first-year anime convention in Cincinnati. I had to stop working at the local anime retail store cause old workers were asking for full time hours (i basically got bumped out) but they wanted me to help out with the conventions this weekend. While i'm dead tired from hauling, unpacking, packing up again and alphabetizing hundreds of dvds, manga and cds, this weekend was loads of fun. I'll babble about it more later. I'm going to Otakon in two weeks and i need to work some of that out. Pretty soon I'll be back in school at Wilson.

Monday, July 07, 2003

I've beat Yunalesca and have the airship ^_^ Wheeee airshipness. I think I'm actually going to beat FFX. The strategy guide has really helped a lot. RIght now I'm just cruising around capturing mosters for the Monsters Arena and i might do some sidequest type things to get the characters legendary weapons. FFX is such a great game.

My 4th was very satisfying. Went to a little cookout at a friend's house, lit off some illegal fireworks, then headed into DC to check out BuzzLife's new club. It was a very fun night. One of the opening DJ's had a Cowboy Bebop tshirt on (very cool). I had on my Kite tshirt and later in the night the opening DJ was walking around and we saw each other's shirts and kinda ackowleged that we're both cool dudes.

I've been going to CyberBlue Cafe (the gaming cafe) a lot lately. I think I've established myself as a regular there since the clerks and employees all know my name when i walk up to pay. I'm getting good at Counterstrike. I've been at the top of the list of a few maps but I've been towards the bottom of others as well. My Kills/Deaths ratio is usually dead even and I've been working on actually staying alive longer or getting more kills per round.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

sigh. it's sad but true. they know our weakness.

I'm at the point in FFX where I can buy Yojimbo, but do i really have to right now? It's totally in his character to be a mercinary and charge me for his services but can't i come back and get the guy? sheesh. The more i play FFX the more i realize what a wonderful universe square has created and whata complexed and well crafted story FFX has become. I think back to the original FF and even FFVI and then look at FFX and see it all as a progression. Enhanced graphics and technology are inabling square to be able to do what it's wanted to do for many many years. it's amazing.

Played Counterstrike with some friends last night at the cafe. Leo, Mike and I played like 2 hours of straight iceworld maps. @_@ then Brian got in the game and he's never played cs before in his life. We started a match with a clan at the cafe, we had some n00bs on our team so it was like a practice for them, nothing major. They wiped the floor with us. Aztec can be a very evenly matched map but a decient CT team can own if they rush and later flank around. We were T's and must have won 2 rounds out of 20. The double doors were always covered and one or two CT's would sneak around and flank us and basically trap us wherever we went. The farthest we got would be when we rushed the bridge but even that didn't last long. But 2 hours of iceworld was mind-numbingly satisfying. The Colt with a silencer is my new favorite weapon. MMmmmm....silenced.